Hackney GIving


Hackney Giving aims to do the following:

    • Our Small Grants Programme provides grants to local charities that support young people, the elderly, carers and the unemployed 

    • Hackney Giving Live, in partnership with The Funding Network, gives local charities and community groups a chance to pitch for project funding from a live audience of benefactors. To be in the audience please send us an e-mail titled 'Hackney Giving audience' requesting details of our next event. Click here to e-mail us.

How can I support Hackney Giving?

Hackney Giving allows you to give to local causes, fundraise for local community groups and get involved in the local community. Click here to donate or click here to get involved.  

What social issues are we supporting?

Hackney Giving has spent time establishing the key issues facing many of our residents. We will focus on the following themes:

    • improving financial wellbeing through employment opportunities
    • nurturing entrepreneurship and improving employability
    • bringing people together through sports, social activities, cultural events and the arts
    • promoting community participation, and
    • improving health and wellbeing.

With thanks to our neighbours at Islington Giving who helped inspire this project.