Hackney GIving


1. Who runs the fund?

Hackney Giving is a partnership between East End Community Foundation (EECF) and Hackney CVS. EECF manages the Small Grants Programme and supports donors and businesses to achieve their philanthropic aims through investment in Hackney Giving. Hackney CVS leads on marketing and communications and supports funded organisations with project management. 

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Both EECF and Hackney CVS, along with private and public sector partners, provide strategic direction for Hackney Giving.

2. How long will Hackney Giving run?

Hackney Giving is endowed by the East End Community Foundation and will run in perpetuity. We’re fundraising to help even more charities, which have been reviewed and checked by our grants team, to do great work locally.

3. Where can I see how the money is being spent?

We’ll be keeping our website and newsletter updated with stories and news about how the money has been spent.

4. How can I donate?

To learn more about how you can donate as an individual or business, please click here.

5. How are funds allocated to projects?

Funds are distributed to projects through an open grants programme. The Selection Panel, composed of donors and Hackney Giving partners, will review applications and make recommendations to the EECF board, who has the final decision on grants awarded. The Selection Panel will also select charities, from the small grant applications, to pitch for funding at Hackney Giving Live.

6. How can I apply for a grant or pitch at the crowdfunding event, Hackney Live?

The Small Grants Programme is managed by East End Community Foundation. Please click here for more information on how to apply.

7. How can I show my support for Hackney Giving?

We would love donors to use our logo on websites, shop floors, marketing material.  Contact us to find out more.