Hackney GIving

Hackney Giving Coronavirus Response Fund

Hackney Giving will offer grants of up to £3,000 to small not-for-profit organisations in Hackney which are responding to the coronavirus crisis.  In order to respond quickly, we will be making our first grants in mid April.  As this is an initial round and fundraising is ongoing, we anticipate being able to offer 3 or 4 grants in this round.

Deadline for applications: Thursday 16th April 2020, 9.00am

We want to fund the following:

  • Organisations working with older people
  • Organisations working with people from groups that will be disproportionately affected by the outbreak such as BAME communities
  • Organisations working with homeless people and refugees
  • Organisations supporting residents with mental health needs
  • Organisations that are supporting residents (particularly those on low incomes) access the supplies and necessities they need


In this round, we will fund work that helps people in Hackney to access the food and supplies they need during the coronavirus crisis.

What cannot be funded?

Hackney Giving will not fund:

  • Expenditure or activities that have already taken place. By this we mean that retrospective funding will not be awarded; applications may be for ongoing provision
  • Services which are a statutory responsibility (i.e. are the responsibility of the Council, Government or Health Authorities)
  • Projects that have no community or charitable element
  • Projects that are purely for the advancement of religion or politics
  • Hackney Giving does not make grants to individuals.


Who can apply?

To apply your organisation must:

  • Be formally constituted as not for profit organisation
  • Work in Hackney, with Hackney residents
  • Have been operating for at least one financial year
  • Have had a turnover of less than £300,000 in its last financial year
  • Not be in financial deficit
  • Have a bank account, requiring at least two signatories.  Your bank account signatories must be unrelated (by blood or marriage) and living at separate addresses
  • Supporting documentation


Please attach the following documents with your application:

  • Your organisation’s constitution
  • Your organisation’s most recent set of accounts or financial statement approved at your AGM
  • A recent bank statement showing details of the bank account that you will use to receive any grant from Hackney Giving
  • Your organisation’s equal opportunities policy
  • Your organisation’s safeguarding policy/ policies.

How to apply

To download the application form please click here

Please submit the application form in .docx format, by email to sarah@hackneygiving.org.uk by 9.00am on 16th April 2020.  Please attach your supporting documentation to your email.

Late applications cannot be considered.