Hackney GIving

Hackney Giving Live

Hackney Giving Live events are interactive, fun evenings which bring together community groups and potential donors. 

Using an approach pioneered by The Funding Network, at each event three community groups do a six-minute pitch for funding in front of a live audience of potential donors.  Each group has a further six minutes to answer questions and then audience members make up their mind which, if any, groups they would like to support.  There is then a process of live pledging where audience members make their donations.

Unlike the Hackney Giving grants programme, there is no limit to the amount of funding that a group can secure through Hackney Giving Live.

The next Hackney Giving Live event is going to be in February 2021.  Information on how to be involved will be published nearer the time.

Pre-show refreshments and mingling

Ava Vidal entertians the crowd