Hackney GIving

Hackney Giving Coronavirus Response Fund: CCG Crisis and Recovery Grants

Hackney Giving is open for applications for projects up to £30,000.

City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has provided funding for voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations working with communities during the Covid-19 crisis. Hackney Giving is distributing this funding (total: £256,000) on behalf of the CCG.

Grants of up to £30,000 will be available to not-for-profit organisations working in Hackney and the City of London who can support the work of statutory health and social care services through the Covid-19 crisis and recovery. 

Priority areas

Proposals may focus on one area or be working across a number of the priorities below.

1. Supporting people remotely.
2. Helping people recuperate and remain safe at home after illness.
3. Supporting digital connectivity
4. Communication and information.

Please read the application guidance in full before deciding whether to apply. 

Application Guidance

Application Form

Deadline: 24 August, 9am


The following guidelines apply to all our strands of funding:

Application format

Please send your application to info@hackneygiving.org.uk using the .docx format.  Please send electronic copies of supporting documentation.

We ask for the .docx format so that we can process applications efficiently, meaning that we can assess them more quickly and get an answer to you sooner.  Your co-operation is appreciated.  If you have any technical difficulty with the form, in the first instance please contact us for advice.  If you are short of time and cannot contact us to resolve the issue, please submit your answers to the questions in a plain text email.  Be sure to answer all questions including those with tick boxes.


What cannot be funded?

Hackney Giving will not fund:

  • Expenditure or activities that have already taken place. By this we mean that retrospective funding will not be awarded; applications may be for ongoing provision
  • Services which are a statutory responsibility (i.e. are the responsibility of the Council, Government or Health Authorities)
  • Projects that have no community or charitable element
  • Projects that are purely for the advancement of religion or politics
  • Hackney Giving does not make grants to individuals.


Who can apply?

To apply your organisation must:

  • Be formally constituted as not for profit organisation
  • Work in Hackney, with Hackney residents
  • Have been operating for at least one financial year
  • Meet the turnover limit specified by the strand you are applying to
  • Not be in financial deficit
  • Have a bank account, requiring at least two signatories.  Your bank account signatories must be unrelated (by blood or marriage) and living at separate addresses


Supporting documentation

 Please attach the following documents with your application:

  • Your organisation’s constitution
  • Your organisation’s most recent set of accounts or financial statement approved at your AGM
  • A recent bank statement showing details of the bank account that you will use to receive any grant from Hackney Giving
  • Your organisation’s equal opportunities policy
  • Your organisation’s safeguarding policy/ policies.


Further guidance

The following questions have been asked about Hackney Giving. We are publishing the answers here so that everyone can benefit from the advice.

Q: My organisation had a turnover less than the turnover limit last year but we haven’t yet approved our accounts at the AGM. The previous year’s turnover was more than the turnover limit. Can we apply?
A: Yes. Please submit your management accounts to show your turnover for the last financial year alongside the approved accounts from the previous year.


Q: Our group is not formally constituted but we are working with a constituted group that could manage the money on our behalf. Can we apply?
A: Yes. You can apply in partnership with a constituted organisation that meets the eligibility criteria (the turnover limit does not apply to organisations managing funds for an unconstituted group), as long as they will manage funds for you free of charge. If you are successful, the funds will be paid to the constituted partner. 


Q: We are a social enterprise. Can we apply?
A: Yes, as long as your business does not distribute its profits to shareholders and you meet the other eligibility criteria.


Q: We have applied before. Can we apply again?
A: Yes.