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COVID-19 Information Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and application process

Are the grants open to all organisations?
No, there are clear eligibility criteria to apply. Please read the guidance.

Are we eligible as a social enterprise, community group or if not registered as a charity?
There is no requirement to be a registered charity as long as your organisation has a set of rules or constitution containing a not-for-profit clause.

Can we apply if our group/organisation is just a year old? 
Your organisation must have been operating for at least one financial year.  

Can we apply if we are a group/organisation that is not based in City and/or Hackney but works with City and Hackney residents?
Yes, as long as the grant will benefit City and Hackney residents.

Our first annual accounts are yet to be published on the Charity Commission site. Can we apply?
If you have a set of accounts covering your first year’s operation, please submit them, even if they have not yet been formally approved.

We have a record of income and expenditure so far, will this be sufficient to apply? 
If your organisation has been operating for just over one financial year but has not yet completed its formal accounts for that year, please submit your management accounts together with an explanation.

Can we apply in this round if we were funded in round 1 of the Covid-19 Information Grants?
No, in this round we want to support organisations that weren't funded in the previous round.

Is our turnover too high? 
To be eligible, your organisation must have had a turnover of less than £1,000,000 in its last financial year or provide significant services to people most affected by COVID-19. For organisations with a turnover in excess of £1,000,000, we reserve the right to check the level of services that you have been delivering in relation to COVID-19.

Can organisations apply for both Messenger and Contact Point grants?
You can only apply for one grant. Contact Point grant activities are in addition to Messenger grant activities. So if you are applying for a Contact Point grant you’ll also need to make it clear how you will deliver Messenger grant activities.

Can different organisations apply together in one application as partners?
If you plan to deliver any aspect in partnership with another organisation, you will need to have a lead partner, who will be responsible for the delivery of the project and handle reporting and finances. We expect partnerships to be backed up by a partnership agreement.

Some of our service users have long term health conditions - should we tick this box in the target group section on the application form?
If your project is not working specifically around these issues then you should not tick the box as this is not your target group.

If we serve across a community,  should we leave the target group boxes blank?
If you are working across the board of a particular community, then you should at least highlight who the community is (e.g., Charedi, African) and tick all the age group boxes that apply.

Our organisation is based in Hackney but services are also for residents from other boroughs. Can we put in for the work for the other boroughs?
The grants are for communication with City and Hackney residents only.

Due to pandemic there are new groups formed recently. Would they be able to apply?
Organisations must have been operating for at least one financial year. If you are a newly formed organisation, a longer-established organisation could host your grant for you.

Please ensure that the roles and responsibilities of each organisation are set out clearly and that both parties have a mutual understanding of how such a hosting relationship can work.

Can we get any help with applying? 

For comments and feedback on your individual grant application, please contact advice@hcvs.org.uk. You must allow 5 working days for the draft to get back to you.

What is the minimum number of direct contacts that would be agreeable in light of each provider's capacity and value for money? 
There is no minimum number of direct contacts. Each target group will have different needs and to set arbitrary numbers would overlook these different circumstances.

We recognise that a light-touch approach reaching a lot of people will work for some target groups whereas other groups need more intensive support, which will result in a smaller number of people being reached.

The key is meaningful communication that will make a difference to individuals’ and communities’ understanding of public health messages rather than blanket coverage to large numbers of people.

When will organisations hear whether they have been awarded a grant?
We expect to be able to let you know the outcome within six weeks of the application deadline