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Activiteens was set up in 2004 to relieve the needs of disadvantaged young people by providing out-of-school clubs, mentoring services, day and overnight trips and vocational training courses.

They successfully applied for a grant from Hackney Giving during the pandemic to run a puppetry project to support the wellbeing of young people from the Orthodox Jewish community

Funding was awarded for a puppetry project to support the wellbeing of young people from the Orthodox Jewish community

Toby Erlanger, Activiteens project manager, said: “Every year we deliver a range of performing arts sessions which develop the artistic skills of approximately 170 young people. They then showcase their newly acquired skills in a dazzling display of talent at the Millfield’s Art Theatre. This is an amazing way of promoting young peoples’ personal, social, and emotional development – maximising their potential.

“Due to Covid-19, these sessions were unfortunately cancelled. The young people were understandably upset to lose out on this opportunity and were also feeling bored, low, and unmotivated during the endless months of lockdown. Together we brainstormed ways of continuing to develop their drama skills whilst providing them with fun activities that would make them feel creative and productive. And this is how ‘Puppetry, Here I Come’ was born.

In addition to giving them the opportunity to develop artistically, young people have said that hiding behind a puppet has given them a unique opportunity for self-expression, allowing them to explore and work through their emotions in a safe place. It has also helped them bond with family members as they engaged them in the exciting puppet shows.”

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