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Business giving

Our partnership with Novicell

We’re excited that digital consultancy Novicell is helping us to understand and improve our digital engagement.

Novicell approached Hackney Giving and offered to help because their staff team wants to make a positive impact in Hackney – the borough they work in every day. The business has its UK headquarters in Shoreditch, so Hackney Giving was an ideal choice for Novicell’s business giving.

The benefits of pro bono support

By offering pro bono support to Hackney Giving, the Novicell team are able to use their professional expertise for a not-for-profit cause. The skills and knowledge that team members have developed over the years are valuable to Hackney Giving: we wouldn’t have be able to access this expertise if we had to pay. Working together is a win-win situation: Hackney Giving benefits from Novicell’s digital engagement experience and in return, we help Novicell link to the wider community in the local area.

Business giving in action

The Novicell and Hackney Giving teams have met online and in person: we explained the story behind Hackney Giving, our history and the philosophy that everyone has something to give, and the Novicell team responded by setting out clearly what they were able to offer and how we could work together. Novicell have given us advice on quick wins and some longer term strategies to implement in order to grow our digital engagement and raise awareness of Hackney Giving.

The partnership is strong: the team at Novicell is fun to work with and generous with their time. Thank you Novicell!

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