Funded projects

Hackney Chinese Community Services (HCCS) was founded in 1985 and continues to serve the local East and South East Asian communities in the borough. As a charity, they provide a number of services for the local community. 

Hackney Chinese Community Services received grant from Hackney Giving in 2020 during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The project aimed to reduce inequalities by reducing the ‘digital divide’.

The project aimed to reduce inequalities by reducing the ‘digital divide’. They did this by increasing the access to information and communication technologies, and the skills required to use them effectively, as well as to making a positive difference to people’s mental wellbeing.

Jabez Lam from Hackney Chinese Community Services said: “The project fell into two parts, the first part from July to Sept after the first lock down.  Then the second and third lockdowns came, and we had to restructure the work from being classroom based to on-line classes. All participants were aged 55+.”

“The training has built the participants confidence in using their own digital devices such as their smartphone and tablets because the tablets need to be returned to HCCS after the training.  All sessions ended with hands and eyes as well as shoulder exercises maintaining their physical health while using digital devices. The feedback from the participants have been very positive which can be proofed by their regular attendance. According to the participants, apart from learning new skills and knowledge, the opportunity to meet socially helped to break down the isolation many of them felt during the lockdown. During the training, all participants are very happy and always looking forward for the session.” 

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