We are proud to have joined the open grants data project 360Giving and published Hackney Giving data using the 360Giving Data Standard. 

By working in partnership with the NHS and Hackney Council, as well as raising funds from individuals and businesses, we have distributed more than £2.3 million to the voluntary sector locally since April 2020. Information about the projects we have funded is now published on the 360Giving website. You can check it out here in the GrantNav database and on the grants made page of our website. 

Established in 2015, 360Giving helps organisations that make grants to publish open, standardised data, and supports people to use it to improve charitable giving. Their vision is for grant-making in the UK to become more informed, effective and strategic. 360Giving also provides training to help grant-makers develop their skills and knowledge to use the data. 

360Giving lists the advantages of publishing grants data such as:  

  • The publishing process encourages funders to consider what information they collect, how they present it, and what is missing.  
  • It saves time and money for the not-for-profit sector by giving a fuller picture of funding across the UK. It also helps charities to identify potential partners and collaborators. 
  • Demonstrating values – publishing data sends a message that a funder is transparent. 

At Hackney Giving, we recognise that the benefits listed above help both funders and communities. We believe that being open and transparent demonstrates that we are a funder that can be trusted, and we will continue to publish our data in this way. 

To learn more, visit the 360Giving website: 

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