Parent Club’s programme to support families 

Fatou Gassama, Hackney Giving’s Community Giving and Partnerships Coordinator, visited Chris Brown from Parent Club to find out more about its project. 

Parent Club runs the Kitchen Club, a lunch club with additional activities for parents and young children. Hackney Giving awarded the Parent Club with a £5,000 grant for a programme to support families who live in temporary accommodation. 

“We were completely thrilled to to get the grant for the Cost of Living programme,” explains Chris. “We know, from the families that we’re working with, that things are very expensive. People are very stretched and any additional support that we can give to families is going to make a real difference to them. We’re working with mainly single parent households, with very, very low incomes. And it’s very hard living in a hostel – you’ve got limited privacy and you have limited access to kitchen cooking resources.”

He added: “It’s also quite isolating because there’s a ‘no visitors’ rule in place for Hackney hostels. So this is just one way of making things a little bit easier for those families. And food banks, as you may know are overwhelmed. They have many more families to support than they can.”

Watch the video to hear about the great work Parent Club is delivering in Hackney.

For more information on the project visit their webpage or email them at

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